Email Support

Business relies heavily on email and you need to make sure it is running properly. Lost emails means lost business. We can help make sure your email system is functioning to the best of it’s abilities. SPAM is also a headache and time consuming that takes away time you could be concentrating on your business, so we can also help minimise or eradicate SPAM emails from your inbox.

Email systems in the cloud are very popular and convenient. Email services like Office 365 or Exchange online provide all the benefits you can possibly imagine for your business. We can help you setup and migrate your email to one of these services and your staff can enjoy email access from their workstations, tablets and mobile phone.

Setting up your email system can be a daunting task. We can guide you through it or you can rely on us to maintain your email system. Managing specific email distribution groups or shared email boxes can be tricky, but not for us. Take the hassle out of email management, relax and let us worry about it.

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